Sunday, November 1, 2009

Children's Book Week storytelling 2009

September brought a late Children's Book Week booking at St John's School at Woy Woy. This was my 5th year at the school for CBW. With the theme for 2009 being 'Book safari' it was time for the 1st ever appearance of 'Jungle Julie'; safari adventurer extraordinaire.

I absolutely love telling at this school; it's one of my favourite venues. I spend a morning telling stories to the entire school, split over age groupings. The library is a fantastic space to tell in, and the students and entire staff get right into the spirit of CBW, and always come dressed appropriate to the theme. The kids are a great audience; really good listeners but with enough spunk to get involved at the slightest encouragement.
'Jungle Julie' is a really out-there, eccentric character,

and had each group slightly shocked initially, with her raucous voice and bizarre behaviour. But once the kids got used to her, boy was there some fun that day.
Bless Ann Hall, my good friend and school librarian; she was my straight-guy for the day, and responded perfectly to everything that 'Jungle Julie' threw at her.
As usual, I finished the day of telling at St John's absolutely exhausted, but so keyed up by the great time we all had.
With the theme of "Build the story bridge' next year, I wonder what character we can dream up; a demented engineer perhaps?

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