Saturday, October 31, 2009

Cross-cultural storytelling August 2009

Following on the success of the Cross-cultural storytelling program, Annie Vanderwyk from Gibalee and I were successful in obtaining a Research Grant to continue the project in 2009.
We were very fortunate to have Stuart McMinn, also from Gibalee, come on board along with his company of Aboriginal dancers Minning Minni Kaiwarrine ('Night no more.")
We were also extremely fortunate to have Kiran Shah, an accredited storyteller with the Australian Storytelling Guild, and originally from Singapore, join us as a performing consultant. Kiran's cultural knowledge of South-East Asia (our theme for 2009) was immediately valuable as we worked through our stories with the performers the first time. Kiran was able to inform us of pronunciation, regional ways of doing things, and ensured that the flavour of the performance was culturally appropriate.
Open Day at the Ourimbah Campus was the scheduled day for the 1st performance of 2009, and we were really pleased with both the performances and the audience numbers. The room that we performed in however was less than suitable, as much as we tried to decorate it. No amount of fabric draping could hide the fact that it was a high technology teaching space, and the vibe was just wrong for the whole day.

The venue will definitely need to be changed for Kids Day Out in November.

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