Sunday, October 25, 2009

Halloween Storytelling UNEWC Oct 2008

As I had to develop a Halloween storytelling program for the radio, I thought I would see if any of my uni colleagues would like to be rehearsal bunnies.
An email was sent to all staff at the Campus and about 8 brave souls ventured into the gloom of the storytelling area that we set up in AV3. A darkened room, with only a covered table lamp for light.
As the audience entered, I sat completely still, with my head bowed and my face concealed by the wide brim on my dark hat. None of my body could be seen under my huge storytelling cape. (One of the audience members later said he didn't even realise I was sitting there.
I let the adience settle, and an uncomfortable silence descended, then I threw back the cape and commenced the story.
Seeing several people jump was very satisfying, and set the tone for the gruesome and suspenseful tales that followed.

Good fun, great practice and something I'll do again for other occassions.

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