Saturday, October 31, 2009

Storytelling workshop with Kenn Benn May 2009

What a treat to spend an entire weekend in the company of other storytellers, learning from a master storyteller. A full day workshop with New Zealand storyteller Ken Benn had us looking at researching historical characters on Saturday morning, with Ken staying in character of Leonardo DaVinci for the majority of the time. Saturday afternoon was spent examining comedy in storytelling. An enjoyable afternoon but not as satisfying for me as the historical character material. Comedy is really a very personal thing, and I'm not sure Ken and my sense of humour is really in sync.

But then dinner !!!!
Sue Alvarez very kindly opened her gorgeous home to members of the storytelling Guild for a degustation, in honour of our visiting teller. Who would have thought that our quiet, unassuming treasurer Stanley had such a gift for cooking. Each dish was better that the one that preceded it, and way past the point when I should have been saying that I couldn't fit any more in, I will still finding room somewhere.
The conversation was wonderful, with an opportunity to really chat with people from such diverse backgrounds, but all with a common love of people and communication.
Then back to the Hughended where I was staying the night. I really didn't expect to get a great night's sleep, but I barely remembered closing my eyes, before I woke at 7.30 in the morning, totally refreshed.

A light brekkie down in the cafe, then a walk along Queen Street, before coming back to the hotel and getting stuck into some study on my laptop.
The afternoon was again spent with members of the Guild at the Teller's Tea, where Ken was the featured teller. He was accompanied by my long-time friend Mary French,from Canberra, and delightful storyteller and bush poet Arch Bishop.

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